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  • What is Galaxy Singles?
  • How Much does it cost?
  • Is it discreet?
  • How do I Register?
  • How do I Search?
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    What is Galaxy Singles?
    Galaxy Singles is a searchable database of people looking to meet others.
    It provides a discrete, and fun way for singles to meet other singles,
    and best of all, it is FREE to become a member.
    If one member likes the description of another member, the member
    can email the other person, using their own personal message mailbox.
    Galaxy Singles provides a discreet, fun way of introducing people to
    each other.
    Many friendships, penpals, and marriages have resulted from using
    this system.

    How Much does it cost?
    One may register as a member for FREE
    Searching is FREE
    To flirt with another member is FREE
    To post your photo on your description is FREE
    To reply to Email is FREE
    To Initiate contact by email, one is required to become a subscriber which is very inexpensive


    Is it discreet?
    Yes, you can rest assured that your personal details are not displayed.
    By making use of the built in email message system, you can send a
    message to another member.
    This email is independent of your regular email address, and therefore
    no personal details are shown.
    You may read our privacy statement

    How do I Register?
    First click on "Register". This will take you to a page where you
    must select the country in which you live, and the country where
    you were born. This will call up the registration form, which needs to
    be carefully filled out. Once you have filled out this form, press the
    button marked "Register me Now".
    You will receive an email confirming your user name and the password
    of your choice. You may immediately log in and begin using
    Galaxy Singles.
    Click Here To Register Now

    How do I Search?
    To search, click on "search database".
    You then select the country where you would like to search.
    This will bring you to the search page where you can enter details
    for a more specific search.
    Once you have completed the search page, press the button
    "Find my Match" and you will be presented with a list of all people
    fitting your search criteria.
    (TIP: Don't make the search too specific, as this may result in very
    few people to choose from).
    To find out more about each person, click on the username next to
    their description.
    If you are still interested in this person, click on the button marked
    "Send a message to this person" and you will be able to send the
    user an email message.

    Dating Tips
    1- Have Fun

    2- First e-Mail for a bit until you start to feel comfortable with the person

    3- ALWAYS meet in a public place the first face to face date.

    4- Remember, the person you may meet could be the perfect stanger, but remember, he/she is still a stranger, so if you are not 100% comfortable, take a freind along with you.

    Why Can't I Reply?
    How it works is:
    you can reply to an email message, but one cannot reply to a flirt message unless one is a subscriber. One may repond to a flirt message with another flirt message if one is not a subscriber.

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